Gaya MAS

Welcome to my online book,

I'm Gaya MAS, an artist in acting, singing & engineering.

Best Lead Actress in IBC Tamil Short Film Festival 2016.
Best Lead Actress in the Navalar Short Film Festival 2016.

Miss India France Best Smile 2014.

French, English, Tamil and Hindi

Acting, Modeling, Singing (western pop and indian classical and western), Musician (Guitar, Violon, Harmonium), Indian classical and Bollywood dancer, Conference speaker.

I did a thesis in applied physics for medicine which allowed me to improve myself by experimenting, giving speeches, travelling and teaching.

According to me, life is about appreciating each moment and daring to follow your dreams until achieving them. I believe each human already possess the potential to do so. As an explorer is excited about widening his territory, I love widening my knowledge, culture and skill domain through challenges.